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Trace minerals occur in tiny amounts or traces. Nonetheless, they play a major role in health. Natural Life Minerals is an instantly absorbing liquid trace mineral formulation. It tastes great because it is sweetened with the natural herb stevia. Containing 69 fully soluble ionic* minerals, two capfuls easily mix with water or juice.

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NLM-Supp-FactsWhile many of these trace minerals have been naturally available in food, aggressive farming has deprived a large number of our formerly rich soils of their mineral content. Synthetic fertilizers applied to exhausted soils bind many of the trace minerals, making them unavailable to plant life.

Even minute portions of these minerals can create an effect on the body. They are essential to the assimilation and utilization of vitamins and other nutrients. They aid in digestion and provide a catalyst for hormones, enzymes and essential body functions and reactions.

Trace minerals also act as coenzymes, meaning that they are catalysts in chemical reactions. They play a part in the body’s production of neurotransmitters— biochemicals that send messages through the nervous system. Some of these minerals are involved in the production of major hormones secreted by the thyroid and adrenal glands. Others impact the body’s ability to burn carbohydrates and fat for energy. Still others relate to the formation of molecules into bones, blood vessels, skin and teeth.

Along with food and supplements, trace minerals help the body to grow, reproduce and maintain itself over the years.

*An ionic mineral is an element that has a charge, either positive or negative. On a molecular level, this means the element has either one too many or one too few electrons. This unstable ionic state allows the element to bond readily with water, making it possible for the body to absorb it.