4th of July Patriotic Smoothie with Calmful Gut

4th of July Layered Smoothie with Calmful Gut

Cool down and help tame over-worked tummies in style this 4th of July with this tri-banded patriotic smoothie with Calmful Gut.  It combines three of our favorite summer smoothies into one deliciously cool treat.

The Smoothie Lineup:

Calming Coconut Dream Smoothie

Cherry-Beet Chocolate Power Smoothie

Bees and Berries Blue Smoothie


Prepare each smoothie recipe substituting the recommended CALM product, for Calmful Gut.  Don’t fret if your Calming Coconut Dream Smoothie is a little thick, this consistency will help to hold the visual effect together.  Finally, when each recipe is ready, layer about 2oz, or a quarter cup of each smoothie alternating between white and berry smoothies to create a banded effect.  For added drama serve in small mason jars, top with coconut shreds and sliced strawberries. Enjoy!

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