Natural Calm Bath Awarded Best of Supplements 2016

bath-better-nutrition-awardNatural Vitality’s new Natural Calm Bath earned a Best of Supplements Award for new products from Better Nutrition magazine.

Natural Calm Bath is a unique combination of premium Natural Calm magnesium and pristine Brazilian gourmet sea salt. It provides a relaxing, centering and detoxifying spa treatment in your bathtub.

Natural Calm Bath stands apart from other bath products because of its food-grade ingredients, providing an unparalleled pure and natural bath experience.

Natural Vitality president, Justin Farmer, comments, “We appreciate that Better Nutrition’s editorial staff and editorial contributors chose Natural Calm Bath for this prestigious award. These lovingly-created bath salts provide an intimate and luxurious way to feel The Calm Experience.”

Each 20-oz Non-GMO verified Natural Calm Bath supplies about five baths and are available in both lavender and unscented.