Since 1982, Natural Vitality® has established itself as not only a brand promoting the use and awareness of magnesium as a supplement, but also a brand at the forefront of creating new and unique nutrition supplement formulations. In doing so, Natural Vitality has become recognized as more than just another premium brand. Through strategic partnerships and the use of category-leading ingredients in our products, we have established ourselves as a market leader in liquid supplementation, winning numerous awards and experiencing rapid growth in our categories. We recognize that our excellent resellers, retailers, e-tailers and distributors have similarly invested their time and resources in our products and brand. To support this investment in Natural Vitality and promote the recognition of the high and consistent quality of Natural Vitality products, Natural Vitality has unilaterally established a Minimum Advertised Price Policy. These minimum advertising prices, which will be generally set to 40 percent off MSRP, can be seen, along with terms of sale and any updates, at

With your help we have created some of the best supplements available today. We would like to personally thank you for your understanding and support of this policy and our products over the years. Should you have any questions, please contact our Vice President for Account Management directly at


Natural Vitality® has established a Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) policy for its products. This MAP policy applies to all advertisements of each dealer, retailer or distributor of any Natural Vitality products (“Dealer”). The intention of this Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (the “Policy” or the “MAP Policy”) is to identify the terms and conditions for advertising for the sale of any Natural Vitality products. Natural Vitality reserves the right to refuse to sell all or a portion of its products to any Dealer that advertises in violation of this MAP Policy. Natural Vitality reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to decline all future sales to a Dealer for violation of this MAP Policy. Natural Vitality sets forth the following requirements as part of its MAP Policy:

  1. Natural Vitality may establish a MAP for each of its Any advertisement by Dealer of that product for sale at any price below the MAP will result in Natural Vitality exercising its right to refuse to make future sales of that product, or of other Natural Vitality products, to Dealer. Natural Vitality shall publish all MAPs to
  2. This MAP Policy will be enforced solely and unilaterally by Natural Natural Vitality, in its sole and absolute discretion will decide what action that it deems necessary in the event that this Policy is not followed, including the right to cancel all orders and indefinitely refuse to accept any new orders from any Dealer, pursuant to Natural Vitality verification that such Dealer has advertised any MAP products at a net retail sales price less than the current MAP retail price established by Natural Vitality, or if Dealer has violated this Policy in any other way.
  3. The MAP Policy applies only to advertised prices, and neither this Policy nor any other agreement or arrangement apply to the price at which any products are sold by the Dealer to an end-user at the Dealer’s retail Natural Vitality expressly recognizes that Dealer may sell the products at any price that Dealer chooses.
  4. The MAP Policy does not intend to and does not establish maximum advertised prices, and Dealer is entitled to advertise the products at any price equal to or in excess of the MAP.
  5. The policy set forth in this MAP Policy applies to all advertisements of Natural Vitality products in any and all media, including, but not limited to, newspapers, television, radio, Internet or similar electronic media, flyers, bulletins, newsletters, mailers, e-mails, magazines, catalogs, signs, and all other types of advertising. This MAP Policy also applies to any activity that Natural Vitality determines, at its sole discretion, is designed or intended to circumvent this MAP Policy.
  6. Natural Vitality, at its sole discretion, may adjust or discontinue the MAP for any product upon seven (7) calendar days’ notice to Any such adjustment or discontinuation of the MAP for a particular product will have no effect on the continued applicability of the MAP for any other product. Any such adjustment or discontinuation of the MAP for a particular product will be uniformly applied to all Natural Vitality Dealers throughout the United States.
  7. Natural Vitality, at its sole discretion, may modify the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”) for any of it products, and will undertake to notify all of its Dealers of any such changes All retailers and distributors must implement any such modifications within seven (7) calendar days of the date of any such change in MSRP.
  8. This MAP Policy is unilateral and nonnegotiable. No employee or representative of Natural Vitality has the authority to change it without written approval from the board of directors. Natural Vitality reserves the right to terminate sales of all or a portion of its products to any account that does not follow this Policy.
  9. This Policy is intended to remain in effect for as long as Natural Vitality and Dealer maintain a business relationship, unless Natural Vitality modifies this Policy in writing.
  10. Terms such as “call for price,” “e-mail for price,” “lowest price,” that a reseller will match or beat its competitor, or similar phrases, shall not be deemed a violation of this MAP Policy so long as no advertised price is provided below MAP and the advertised price otherwise complies with this


Item # Description Size UPC Retail MAP
544 Calm 8 oz 183405000018 $22.95 $13.77
545 Calm 16 oz 183405000025 $39.95 $23.97
2724 Calm Raspberry/Lemon 8 oz 183405000100 $23.95 $14.37
2739 Calm Raspberry/Lemon 16 oz 183405000117 $40.95 $24.57
2725 Calm Orange 8 oz 183405000070 $23.95 $14.37
2743 Calm Orange 16 oz 183405000087 $40.95 $24.57
2722 Calm Lemon 8 oz 183405000131 $23.95 $14.37
2742 Calm Lemon 16 oz 183405000148 $40.95 $24.57
3545 Calm Cherry 8 oz 875534001614 $23.95 $14.37
3704 Calm Cherry 16 oz 875534001959 $40.95 $24.57
3970 Calm Watermelon 8 oz 875534002390 $23.95 $14.37
2931 Calm Packets Original (unflavored) 30 pk 183405000728 $24.95 $14.97
2930 Calm Packets Rasp/Lem 30 pk 183405000636 $24.95 $14.97
2965 Calm Plus Calcium 8 oz 183405000971 $25.95 $15.57
2966 Calm Plus Calcium 16 oz 183405000988 $46.95 $28.17
3032 Calm Plus Calcium Rasp/Lem 8 oz 875534000938 $25.95 $15.57
3227 Calm Plus Calcium Rasp/Lem 16 oz 875534001461 $46.95 $28.17
3428 Calm Plus Calcium Pckts Rasp/Lem 30 pk 875534001522 $25.95 $15.57
3427 Calm Plus Calcium Pckts Original 30 pk 875534001515 $25.95 $15.57
180 Calmag 8 oz 183405000162 $18.95 $11.37
181 Calmag 16 oz 183405000179 $30.95 $18.57
2734 Calmag Rasp/Lem 8 oz 183405000537 $18.95 $11.37
2872 Organic Life Vitamins 30 oz 183405000469 $36.95 $22.17
3419 Kid’s Calm Multi 30 oz 875534001508 $34.95 $20.97
3177 Osteo Calm (Improved) 30 oz 875534001409 $28.95 $17.37
 3804  Calm Cream  4 oz  875534002130  $28.00  $16.80
 3826  Whole Life Daily Multi  90 caps  875534002147  $25.95  $15.57
3671 Plant Sourced Minerals Bottle [liquid] 16 oz 875534001935 $24.95 $14.97
3672 Plant Sourced Minerals Capsules 60 caps 875534001942 $22.95 $13.77
 3931 Natural Calm Bath Lavender 20 oz 875534002246 $15.95 $9.57
3930 Natural Calm Bath Unscented 20 oz 875534002239 $15.95 $9.57
3952 Calmful Sleep 4 oz 875534002260 $17.50 $10.50
3959 Calm Specifics Kids 4 oz 875534002376 $19.95 $11.97
4086 Calm Specifics – Calmful Gut 6 oz 875534002680 $29.95 $17.97
4085 Calm Specifics – Calmful Muscles 6 oz 875534002697 $29.95 $17.97
3984 Calm Gummies Raspberry Lemon 120 ct 875534002406 $29.95 $17.97