What does it mean/what should I do if diarrhea occurs?

The laxative effect of magnesium is your guide to how much to take. Anything above the amount needed by the body will be eliminated through the bowels, kidneys or through sweat.

There is nothing wrong and, as many people experience constipation, regularity can be a welcome benefit.

If you experience an uncomfortable laxative effect, simply decrease your dosage or space it out over time (break the dose into 2-3 smaller doses). At the optimal dosage, your stools should be comfortably loose.

It may be necessary to take a higher dose of Natural Calm at first to make up for any magnesium deficiency that might be present. If you have been taking a certain dose since you started taking the supplement and you start to experience diarrhea, it could mean that you have made up for the deficiency and that your body is ready to adjust to a lower dose.

The body’s requirements for magnesium are not static. This is an advantage to Natural Calm’s powder form which makes it easy to increase or decrease the amount you take. During times of stress (mental, emotional or physical) more magnesium is often needed. Additionally, caffeine, alcohol, sweating and some prescription drugs can deplete magnesium at a cellular level and the body may need more in order to maintain a healthy balance.